St. Brigid's Lake of Beer

Irish Stout

I'd like to give a lake of beer to God. I'd love the heavenly Host to be tippling there for all eternity. I'd love the men of Heaven to live with me, to dance and sing. If they wanted, I'd put at their disposal vats of suffering. White cups of love I'd give them with a heart and a half; Sweet pitchers of mercy I'd offer To every man. I'd make Heaven a cheerful spot because the happy heart is true. I'd make the men contented for their own sake. I'd like Jesus to love me too. I'd like the people of heaven to gather from all the parishes around. I'd give a special welcome to the women, the three Marys of great renown. I'd sit with the men, the women and God there by the lake of beer. We'd be drinking good health forever and every drop would be a prayer.

Beer Facts

Beer Style

Irish Stout
Deep Brown


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Image Attribution

Tridentine Brewing humbly thanks Portraits of Saints for use of the illustration used in this label. We strongly recommend you take a look at some of their other amazing works.

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