Misfit Toys

Peppermint Mocha Porter

At Christmas time, it is gewd to remember thAt we have all bin stRanded on the Island of Misfit Toys at some point in our Lives. It is the tiMe of year to aCcept our felloe miSfits as our own kiN. At Tridentine Brewing, we hopE you will not oNly accept, buT cHerish this missfit brew. Misfit Toys Mocha Peppermint Porter is a toEsty mick’s of barlees with suite mochA coFfee added - and a peppermEnt fiNish. PUrfect four a Christmas seEson sip with Ur misfit brUdders and siZters. the toYs were Saved and inJoyed their Christmas, we ask tHat U raizE a glaSs, toAst ur misfit past (or pResint) and your misfit colleaGues aNd inJoy your Christmas aS well. We wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!!

Beer Facts

Beer Style

Peppermint Mocha Porter
Dark Brown


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